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Engagement ring – My heart

When you want to disclose your deepest feelings to her, choose this white gold engagement ring  with a diam...

63.415,00 din 57.073,50 din

Engagement ring – My treasure

If you have your loving lady who means a lot to you, and time you spend together is precious, we presume that ...

57.051,50 din 51.346,35 din

Engagement ring – Our fairy tale

Classic white gold engagement ring with one brilliant is here to symbolize the start of your own \"happily ever...

96.206,00 din 86.585,40 din

Engagement ring – Perfect circle

Beautifully positioned, one bright brilliant on this white gold engagement ring make it so stunning and specia...

223.454,00 din 201.108,60 din

Engagement ring – Perfect for me

If you want her to say \"Yes, it\'s perfect for me\" when she sees it, then you just found the right one. This be...

114.000,00 din 102.600,00 din

Engagement ring – Perfect match

The feminine and romantic white gold engagement ring compliments the white brilliant cut diamond. It will tell...

From: 54.026,50 din

Engagement ring – Red heart

One of our most wanted models of engagement rings of all times. Unique style and beauty of this truly magnific...

132.770,00 din 119.493,00 din

Engagement ring – Simply love

It was easy for you to understand that your feelings for her are so real and so deep that you decided to tell ...

113.927,00 din 102.534,30 din

Engagement ring – So you

You can\'t describe in words what she represents to you, even though you feel it with all your being. So you te...

From: 46.754,40 din From: 42.078,96 din

Engagement ring – Soulmates

Tell her that she is your soulmate, and that you want her, by your side, forever with this beautiful white gol...

110.088,00 din 99.079,20 din

Engagement ring – Special love

She takes very special place in your life, so the easiest way to tell her that is to give her the white gold r...

44.451,00 din 40.005,90 din

Engagement ring – Star of my life

Clean design, straight lines, unusual diamond setting, makes this engagement white gold ring the perfect choic...

From: 78.815,00 din From: 70.933,50 din

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