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Engagement ring – A different love story

Delicate Sapphire and Diamond Square Shaped engagement white gold ring is the perfect choice for ladies who w...

64.977,00 din 58.479,30 din

Engagement ring – Artistic soul

The artistic, asymmetrically designed white gold engagement ring, is decorated with the diamond at the end of...

54.956,00 din 49.460,40 din

Engagement ring – Be my lucky charm

Since she became part of your life, everything set to its place. She seems to be your lucky charm and you want...

From: 91.311,00 din From: 82.179,90 din

Engagement ring – Blossom

If you are sure that your world is more beautiful  and blossoms with her in it, you will wish to ask her to s...

66.671,00 din 60.003,90 din

Engagement ring – Eternal crush

You still have a crush on her, now even more than ever before? This white gold engagement ring with one beauti...

From: 71.786,00 din From: 64.607,40 din

Engagement ring – Eye of love

If you want to tell her that you see her with your heart, pick our white gold ring with the centrally position...

132.836,00 din 119.552,40 din

Engagement ring – Forever you

Sophisticated design and one central diamond on this white gold engagement ring create this unique and elegant...

161.062,00 din 144.955,80 din

Engagement ring – Gemma

If your relationship flourish from the most beautiful gem of love and trust, crown her with this white gold ri...

84.645,00 din 76.180,50 din

Engagement ring – Immense love

This fashion solitaire engagement white gold ring has a brown diamond center stone set between two bands, one ...

119.042,00 din 107.137,80 din

Engagement ring – Love flower

Your loving woman is special and gentle in your eyes, like a flower. This is why she will be very happy when y...

395.681,00 din 356.112,90 din

Engagement ring – Love your smile

Her beautiful smile brings joy to your heart every time you see it? Choose this white gold engagement ring wit...

87.989,00 din 79.190,10 din

Engagement ring – Lovely curves

Curved design of this engagement white gold ring that ends with one central, brilliant cut white diamond on to...

149.292,00 din 134.362,80 din

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