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Stone Type


Ring – subtle diamond in white or rose gold

For ladies who want to emphasize subtlety we have made a sophisticated ring in pink or white gold that has a b...

21.780,00 din 19.602,00 din

 Engagement Ring – Perfect Moment

Ask her to marry you with this classical engagement white gold ring with a shiny brilliant, which will make ev...

From: 28.798,00 din From: 25.918,20 din

Cubic Zirconia Gold Ring

Beautiful rose gold ring sparkles with dazzling white cubic zirconia stones. Perfect ring for those of us that...

27.283,20 din

Engagement ring – The one

Elegant, modern and stunning, this white gold engagement ring with blue sapphire stands out with its unusual s...

30.437,00 din 27.393,30 din

Tender Engagement ring

Modest and tender engagement ring is crafted in 14ct gold. With classic beauty and elegance, this beautiful di...

32.331,20 din 29.098,08 din

Golden ring with a diamond

Original and stylish design of this white gold ring with a diamond weighing 0.055ct SI / G will appeal to the ...

From: 37.703,60 din From: 33.933,24 din

Engagement ring- Common Path

Happiness is when two people’s paths cross in love, like a diamond. Let this brilliant ring represent your l...

38.896,00 din 35.006,40 din

Engagement ring – Special love

She takes very special place in your life, so the easiest way to tell her that is to give her the white gold r...

44.451,00 din 40.005,90 din

Engagement ring – So you

You can\'t describe in words what she represents to you, even though you feel it with all your being. So you te...

From: 46.754,40 din From: 42.078,96 din

Five Blue Sapphire Bypass Gold Ring

Modest and tender gold ring is crafted in 14ct gold. Between two lines of gold are placed five blue sapphires....

43.211,52 din

Five Diamond Bypass Ring

Modest and tender gold ring is crafted with 14ct gold. Between two lines of gold are placed five beautiful dia...

From: 48.400,00 din From: 43.560,00 din

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