Stone Type

Drilled Diamond Gold Necklace

Stunning white gold necklace using drilled diamonds suspended by a wire onto a chain. The necklace gives the i...

177.100,00 din

Gold Kufflinks

Gold cufflinks are the most elegant male accessory. Not only because of their beauty, but aloso because of the...

49.320,00 din

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Gold Ring

An eternal symbol of royal style and elegance, a blue sapphire and diamond ring, will be a piece of jewelry th...

109.964,00 din From: 98.967,60 din

Emerald cut Amethyst and Diamond gold ring

Simple and elegant, shimmering emerald cut amethyst and diamond ring is every February birthday girl’s dream...

133.971,20 din

White Gold And Ceramic Bracelet

Enhance any look with this unique gold and ceramic bracelet. Perfect gift for yourself or special men in your ...

225.926,00 din

Yellow And White Gold Coil Earrings

These gold earrings in a combination of white and yellow gold will leave you breathless with their appearance....

96.768,00 din

Extravagant Brown Diamond Gold Necklace

This extravagant brown diamond gold necklace is perfect for women who have an innate sense for sophisticated a...

111.320,00 din

The Way Gold Beacelet – Star

Astronomical inspired bracelet can be worn every day. It is a beautiful and sophisticated gift for yourself, y...

14.812,00 din

The Way Gold Bracelet – Clover

The Way gold bracelet Clover, from the Way collection, is a great piece that, apart from being great accessory...

From: 14.812,00 din

The Way Gold Bracelet – Heart

If you want to give someone a little something that says \"I love you\", then this bracelet with a gold pendant ...

14.812,00 din

Name Pendant

<span data-sheets-value="{"1":2,"2":"Express your individuality and flirty fashion se...

From: 10.058,40 din

Little Bear Gold Pendant

Teddy bear is necessary part of every childhood. They are common gift to express love and care, a person holds...

2.570,48 din

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