Stefanovic 1886

Our story

Our story has begun a time long ago, in 1886 and has lasted throughout the centuries thanks to the main
inspiration – love towards jewelry. Knowledge, skills, and aspirations towards mastership of hand-made jewelry
have been transferred from fathers to sons and daughters, gaining during that time a unique artistic
expression through the brand Stefanovic 1886.

Building a brand

The very beginning is connected to the respectable family jewelry shop in Thessaloniki, where a beautiful young couple’s love story has directed further growth and development of the brand. Talent, ambition, and creativity have made the Stefanovic 1886 jewelry shop the most famous jewelry shop in Belgrade and Yugoslavia in the last century, recognized by jewelers all over the world, as well. Today, this family business has four shops with exclusive jewelry in three locations in Belgrade and one in Kragujevac.

The formula of success lies in a perfect mixture of tradition and innovation, past and present, combined in a way that puts the emphasis on the timelessness of artistic expression. Commitment and passion toward hand-made jewelry have been passed on to five generations, giving each of them a gift of experience to help them better portray the spirit of their time.


Perfect mix Perfect mix

The beauty of our pieces was recognized by many
families that have chosen them to celebrate the
important moments in their lives. We are immensely
proud when our jewelry becomes part of someone’s
family heritage – since it is their stories that shape ours’.