Our story

Our story begins way back in 1886. year and lasts through the centuries thanks to the main inspiration – love for jewelry. Knowledge, skills and the pursuit of mastery of handmade jewelry were passed down from fathers to sons and daughters, receiving a striking artistic expression through the Stefanović brand in 1886.

Brand building

The very beginning is connected to a reputable family jewelry store in Thessaloniki, where the wonderful love story of a young couple directed the further development and growth of the brand. The talent, ambition and creativity of Zlatar Stefanović 1886 lead to the status of the most famous Belgrade and Yugoslav goldsmith of the last century, respected even by world jewelers. Today, the goldsmith has six exclusive jewelry stores at four locations in Belgrade, one in Kragujevac and one in Novi Sad.

The formula for success for us lies in the combination of tradition and innovation, past and present, in a way that puts the timelessness of artistic expression as an imperative. The dedication and passion for jewelry making has been passed down through five generations, giving each a gift to reflect the spirit of the times in which they live with the experience they inherited.

A perfect blend of tradition and modernity

Many families recognized the beauty of our pieces and decided to use them to celebrate all important moments in their lives. We are proud when they become part of the family heritage, because their stories are woven into the story of us.