A collection that emphasizes individuality and femininity, created with the passion, superb skill and creativity of the master jeweler Stefanović in 1886.



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With each new piece of jewelry of great design and unsurpassed craftsmanship, we want to present you the creativity, expertise and dedication of our creative team.

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There is no better gift for the holidays than one that has a special meaning. Express your most beautiful feelings with a piece of jewelry with a symbolic design that will mean a lot to someone long after the holidays.


Precious gifts carefully selected just for her.

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We've been celebrating life since 1886

Each piece of jewelry hides a wonderful story that connects us emotionally with loved ones or important moments. It can be a bracelet you got for your birth, a blister pack for baptism, a diamond necklace for coming of age, a ring to which you said the most important YES in life, earrings you bought for yourself with your first salary, a set you wore at your wedding… Every look at it will make you return to that person and that occasion. Stefanović 1886 has been celebrating the most beautiful moments in life with you for 138 years. We are here to help you make them eternal and unforgettable with our jewelry.

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The Stardust collection embodies extraordinary moments that change our lives forever. By gifting jewelry from this collection, dive into the glittering depths of the stars and preserve the most important events in their splendor.

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The Rainbow Collection celebrates the fantastic events in our lives that change our world as we know it. Jewelry from this collection gives a vivid image of the sky decorated with an explosion of beautiful rainbow colors, radiating powerful shades of true happiness, hope, peace and harmony.

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Our jewelry

Your jewelry speaks most eloquently about your taste and style. We have the most beautiful pieces to tell your story. With great love and skill, our expert team of designers and craftsmen creates a wide range of jewelry that we present to you in special collections. The imperative when making jewelry is top quality, and the goal is a smile, satisfaction and pride that you will have every time you bring jewelry from the jewelry house Stefanović 1886

13.560 RSD
9.800 RSD13.860 RSD
25.560 RSD162.855 RSD
4.032 RSD
9.800 RSD13.860 RSD

Women's Day

Biserne minđuše

21.000 RSD30.520 RSD
21.700 RSD25.200 RSD


We have carefully selected for you several brands that fit our mission and vision to create a tool of expression for you, with the help of which you can mark the most precious moments of life before they disappear.


Jewelry from the Italian brand Gioielliamo is a combination of supreme luxury, refined design, quality, cutting-edge technologies, creativity and art. A wonderful gift for ladies who love classy and opulent jewelry.

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